Our Beds

Infrared Jade Massage Beds

Enjoy many benefits during just one 30 minute session on our Infrared Jade Massage beds. These beds combine benefits of massage, thermal/infrared therapy, and finger pressure (acupressure) to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Regular use of the beds helps maintain correct posture and overall body fitness. Users experience a decrease in tightness, soreness, and tension of the muscles along with numerous other benefits. Read on to learn more about each benefit specifically.

30 Minutes: $12
10 Sessions: $100

Acupressure/Finger Pressure Benefits:

  • Jade rollers mimic the motion of finger pressure along the length of your entire body
  • Critical areas of your back are targeted to work out knots and realign your spine
  • Infrared heat combines with the finger pressure to boost energy flow

Massage Benefits:

  • Each bed has 10 jade stone rollers (6 for upper body, 4 for lower body), these jade rollers massage the muscles and tendons around the spine
  • The massage benefits help relieve tension and restore energy flows
  • Hardened nerve roots are relaxed and energy circulation is improved

Jade Benefits:

  • Ancient oriental medical books suggest jade stone helps heal stressed organs and aids in discharging toxins
  • Jade stone is known to strengthen the body’s natural defenses and healing power
  • Regular use of jade massage beds helps slow the process of cell aging
  • Jade stone contains vital elements including minerals, calcium, magnesium, and water
  • This unique type of stone is used as a natural far infrared heat transmitter

Far Infrared Rays:

  • Infrared light bulbs and jade caps produce an effective method of heat transfer from the beds to your body
  • Far infrared heat has been used for over 30 years as an effective method of muscle treatment and relaxation
  • The jade rollers and infrared light bulbs target certain areas of your body to loosen tight muscles


  • Experience the benefits of this 3,000 year old treatment in each massage session without the discomfort of an actual needle
  • The bed mimics the concept of stimulating nerve system activity, using jade rollers rather than needles
  • Think of the massage rollers as an “evolved form of acupuncture”

Additional Info:

  • Use of these infrared jade massage beds is not intended for those who are pregnant, are using a pacemaker, have severe osteoporosis, or have steel rods/pins. If any of these apply to you please consult with a physician before using the beds.
  • There is no masseuse involved and the massage is completely non-invasive. Simply lay on the bed fully clothed and let the heated jade rollers massage the full length of your body.
  • The upper body massage works for all heights. The massage rollers are positioned to concentrate on certain areas on each side of the spine.
  • These areas are the same for each individual, regardless of height. The lower body massage is set up to support people up to 6’4″. Those who are taller will still benefit from the beds, however the rollers will not reach their ankles.
  • The combination of acupressure and infrared heat are used along the main energy pathways of the body to improve the spines flexibility, relax your muscles, enhance circulation, and restore balance to mind and body.
  • Come in today and try the beds for yourself. 30 minute sessions are only $12 and we have reasonable package pricing for regular use!